Resiliency is defined as the ability to recover or “bounce back” from challenges that come our way.  Just like a tree that can weather storms because of its strong roots, we, too, can create roots in our homes and communities that make people more emotionally secure and prepared to handle the challenges and disappointments that come our way.

A relentless advocate for mental wellness, Melissa C. Harrell founded Resiliency Counseling & Consulting, PLLC in 2018 with expertise in clinical mental health and training in public health. Melissa is passionate about sharing her professional and personal mental health experiences with audiences to empower them to live more peaceful lives while inspiring them to become advocates for marginalized populations in our world.

Melissa promotes mental health through her work as an independent health educator, mental wellness consultant and children’s book author.

Recent Blog Posts

ENOUGH! What Our Kids Really Need

As summer begins to fade and the aisles of the stores overflow with pencils, crayons, and notebooks for back to school, I feel the need for a public service announcement. In a society that makes parents believe that in order to be good parents we must buy MORE, sign...

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The Definition of Insanity: Time for Change

The Definition of Insanity: Time for Change I am a huge history buff and I consume ridiculous amounts of historical fiction. When reading, I often find myself wondering why people living in various historical times could not see what was happening right before their...

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Who Cares for the Caregiver? Take 2

In my last blog, we explored the underappreciated number of caregivers in the US often called “the invisible workforce”. I shared the physical, emotional, and financial impacts that caregiving has on individuals and families. The response was overwhelming and...

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Who Cares for the Caregiver?

A random flip through a magazine at my doctor’s office revealed an article that nearly knocked me out of my seat. There are approximately 44 million Americans who make up an “invisible workforce” caring daily for aging or ill loved ones. The article featured research...

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How We Can R.I.S.E. Against Depression

If you want to know what the face of a person who experiences depression looks like just take a second, look up, and observe the faces of the people around you. Better yet, look in the mirror because like it or not, depression is an equal opportunity invader....

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