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My name is Melissa Harrell and I am so happy that you have stopped in to learn more about me and my services. My mission is to deliver fresh perspectives on topics of mental wellness as a dynamic speaker and writer. I love sharing my professional and personal mental health experiences with audiences to empower them to live more balanced and peaceful lives. I believe that when we are at our best personally, then we can be agents of change for our communities and world. Read more about me here…

Book - Common Threads by Melissa Collins Harrell, M.Ed., MPH, LCMHCS

Common Threads: Why the Answers to the Present Lie in the Past

After a major life crisis, Melissa wrote this moving memoir which weaves together her personal life and professional work. She provides resiliency tips, inspirational and uplifting scriptures, and insight and commentary based on her own experiences. Sure to inspire not only those facing challenges but those supporting them.

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Well at least…Common Threads Addendum Part 2

After wrapping up Common Threads, a very personal memoir, my goal was to put my artistic energy into fiction writing. I felt that I had said all I needed to about my personal journey. I was eager to dive into creating new characters and chapters, preferably fictional...

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Common Threads: Addendum Part 1

Write the book that you want to read. That is the adage drilled into writers. Today marks six months since Common Threads was published and over the last few months for me, that motto shifted from write the book you want to read, to write the book you will NEED to...

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What’s Your Cinnamon?

So, what is your cinnamon? What will you persist at until you get that sweet taste of satisfaction? Whatever it is, I invite you to join me on your quest to tear away, board by board, until you reach that delicious prize   Don’t let anyone tell you that your cinnamon cannot be reached, the only limitations that you have are the ones that you set on yourself.

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A Mental Health Therapist Response to School Shootings

I told myself that I was not going to respond publicly to the tragedy in Texas. For once I was going to sit it out because today should be all about my daughter. Today is her high school graduation. “Stay focused, stay in your lane, and just keep doing your job...

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