At various stages of our lives, we all need the assistance of someone who can offer expert advice. Consultation whether on a personal or corporate level can save costly mistakes and bring positive outcomes in a quicker time frame. Below are some of the areas I offer consultation services.

Considering a career in mental health?  

Great, we need you now more than ever! It can be overwhelming to think about all the schooling options, financial commitment, and job prospects. Together we can create a well informed plan that will take your passion and help you find your purpose on the most direct course.


Preparing to launching a private practice?

This can be such an exciting yet nerve racking experience. Working with someone who has ridden the waves of private practice for twenty years can assist you in creating a solid business plan that will help you succeed.


Feeling stuck or burned out and need direction?

Compassion fatigue is a huge career ender for many in helping profession work force. Sometimes just a few simple shake ups can rekindle the flame or sometimes it is time for a compete change or course. Many of the skills used in your work can be repurposed in other ways or fields. Partnering with a consultant can help you uncover your joys for work again.

Are you a workplace leader who desires a more balanced peaceful workplace?

Good leadership knows that happy employees do the best work.


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